Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

A sad farewell...

This is a very very sad occurance. I hate to see the SS and DailyToons go. Adieu SS. Farewell, the memories will last forever, and the pain of your departure will linger on.


aww shit
i loved the SS and now f00d went and fucked it all up
well good luck on future animations.
also who was that kid that went by at the end?

sincere goodbyes?

"omg zekey this is a joke lol you are lying"

okay, so the thread does seem to be full of that, but i'm still a fan! (an outnumbered fan, but screw them)
So if you guys are leaving, and the glocks left a few months ago, and the clocks sold out a few years ago... shit, we're gonna be stuck with real crap in the portal now...

so sad

to see one of the only groups with good taste in flash destroyed. You guys were great and i'll miss you, and i rated the 2 on humor just because of the message you put for the SS haters. That's what's so awexome about you guys, you can make anything funny even when it's not supposed to be!

08/22/2006 Never forget

I can't believe that the SS is closing down. Drew Pickles will be missed.