Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

The fall of the Star Syndicate

This'll be good. Now no one can steal the SS's logo and put it on their movies just so they can get through. Yeah, I don't particulary like the SS but they didn't do any of their own work (that was actualy good anyway). What happened? Did you guys have a falling out? Or have (finally) realised that you're spending too much time on NG? I any case I s'pose you need to get back into the real world anyway. Who knows. Maybe you'll be back. But 'till then, I won't care what you do.

Attention whores indeed

most of your flashes are terrible, this one was a bit of an exception. You actually had decent graphics this time. Still, it was in bad taste.

A chore to watch

There's nothing on here at all. It's badly drawn and it's not funny. You even interpret the song lyrics literally into really cheesy visuals (e.g. "train to nowhere"). Sorry, I didn't get it.

low scores because of what it represented

tis a sad day for flash watchers world wide >:'-(


I am a fan of SS and I wouldn't have voted total zero if you didn't make these "joke" flashes, you worried me all this time