Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Sad to see a part of NG history fade away

I don't like the SS, but you have some talented artists and you are a part of Newgrounds history so it's never good to see something that important stop.
As for the actual animation, it was really good. A good end to a not so good, but occasionally amusing, group

not bad

i liked it. nice song.

and you started on my brithday, april 23! yay :3


I see the BBS At last...... TY GOD

Never thought I'd be sad to see you guys leave.

Anyways, the part I found the funniest was the Message to all SS hater's in the extras section. Haha, haven't laughed that hard at a flash in a while. Well, you guys had a good run, later. And plus I bet there's still gonna be SS cartoons even if it isn't from you guys. but here's to the real Star Syndicate!

Dont listen to them

It was ok for what you were trying to do and that was say goodbye it wasnt really supposed to be funny. All i got to say to all those dumbass haters is fuckoff i wanna see you guys do somethin like this, thats right cause you cant your all a bunch of armchair nazis so stfu and let the man do his work, sorry to see this series go i liked them personally hope you at least try to do something else in the future syndicate until then peace bro