Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

I'm speechless

I, I'm just so moved. R.I.P. The Star Syndicate.

Live on, bretheren.


I've been a fan of the Star Syndicate for a while, and it was an honor to be a member. I'll miss ya SS. :(


That was touching. Honestly guys, there are other crews that you can join, as some of you are too talented to be let go. I used to hate the Syndicate, mostly because you wouldn't shut up about flash developers who had major flaws. I'm not sure anymore that I like the idea of you guys being gone... Some movies make me nearly cry. This is one of them. Farewell, stars, and good luck.


Well the SS is gone, and you finished it in the best and most mature way possible, Instead of doing something stupid you made a well done and well put together flash movie.

The music whent well with the flash and the animation was very good, Great job. Bye.


i never really reviewed your daily cartoons...

but i still enjoyed the odd hamur im them...nice while it lasted...