Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

sad thing

Totally honest with you, I never knew shit about the SS until today. Not saying i do now, but I read the thread and I understood a bit more. I never liked the daily shorts, didn't understand them. But I can tell it meant a lot to all of you.

But, one thing. Were you all too angry at one another to cry, like your portraits in the movie?

Kloris is a fucking retard

how could you 'be a member at NG for so long' and not know what dailytoons are? Oh! you're just one of the members that just watch the good flashes in the top 100. lame piece of shit. this was good, kloris' animations are horrible. RIP you guys owned

In te newgrounds history books forever!!!

Ever since I came here In July of 2004, I've watched your flashes, I loved the work you guys did!! It inspired me to start a flash career of my own!! I'm gonna miss you guys, your flashes brought laughter to millions of viewers! You guys are a clear Icon on this site! We will all remmember you guys!!! You were an inspiration to me and many other flash artits Its sad to see you guys leave..I will never forget Dailytoons!! I never did mark oyu guys on my favorites, That will change now!! Good luck in the future New grounds will never forget you!!! :')

Ss- 4/23/04-8/21/06 R.I.P

It was sad.

I don't even know you but it was filled with alot off emotion a lot off people call that gay if that is what poeple mean by gay then i wanna be gay..... much too little people have a warm hart this days....


ah good times....but everything must come to an end. newgrounds will miss you guys.

grow the fuck up.