Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

aww :(

well its a sad flash, but if u want more detailed info, read "Starberry's" informative comments down below me :)


Ow...Hit me in the heart with an arrow

Man.....i dont hardly know who the SS are but watching this made me feel like i had been shot in the heart by an arrow! I'll miss you!!!

well here it is

now that the truth has been revealed i shall give my true review for this movie.

for those who do not know the star syndicate is not and never was dead it was all a prank.

the movie itself, wow the really cheesy menu music adds a lot to the "emotion" factor of this movie, as does the GIANT TEXT THAT YELLS AT YOU: DAILYTOON 250.

zekey - mm the characters sure are sad

tb - mmm nice atmospheric blueness

zero - omg he's on the train!!!

rev - nice montage there at the end there yeah

zero2 - not really sure who those last two characters are in the psychadellic scene but it's got some nice colors

ugb - mm it looks like a city yeah holy crap it's the crab in the audience

f00d - my god this is shit what the hell is this part it's just bitmaps wOSH DAMMIT F00D

anyway all SS haters need to see the message to SS haters in the "EXTRA" section.

the most incredible part of this.... is that it was made... in 5 days.... and a certain other collab has taken almost 60 and still isn't done yet, granted it is a totally different group of people AND it's a full song but whatever.

TheStarSyndicate responds:



for a second there i thought you were gonna disband. Good Work though.


I am a fan of SS and I wouldn't have voted total zero if you didn't make these "joke" flashes, you worried me all this time