Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"


Im sorry :(

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( Im sad :( :(

*Sniff**Sniff* :'(

~The good~

Oh man, this one touched me... I never thought of a newgrounds without a Daily Toon almost everyday. Well, I see everyone really did their part with the animation, as they were all above average. The song was really touching, especially when you went back and showed pics from the greatest moments of Daily Toons. I especially liked the singing Wade, that was really the only funny part of this sad, sad flash.

~The bad~

Trully, I cannot think of any... My brain is way too busy sulking about the loss of such an amazing and longest running series. Well, good luck with your next series, I really hope this isn't the death of the whole syndicate...

Overall, an amazing end to such a great and long running series, in which every animator put all jokes aside and made a trully amazing flash. You guys should be proud... I hope this review was helpful!


dang, never heard of you guys...

the way the animation was set to JOURNEY's "Don't Stop Believin'" really did the job. how touching *sniff* (yes, i do have my soft side folks). sad you're leaving because of internal morons.

Serious business? I guess.

Damn. You made me cry.

I've been a fan of your works -- good and bad, intentionally shitty and accidentally amazing, screamers and epics, blank screens and flash masterpieces -- since I've known about Newgrounds. You were part of the balance of this place, one of the things that made it fun. Sure, some of your submissions pissed people off, and that was the idea. Some of your submissions were fucking incredible, too. Every time I clicked on a Star Syndicate movie, I knew I was in for a surprise -- even if it meant I might need to turn my volume down. But your movies were always *fun*, one way or another.

That's what the Star Syndicate's meant to me... and I'm truly sad to see this group's work come to an end.

This movie brought everything together, in a sad sort of goodbye compilation. Some of the graphics and animation here was incredibly well done, some of it was cheap stick figures, and some of it was pasted random bitmaps, but it was all representative of your two year's time on Newgrounds, and I think it was an entirely appropriate way to say goodbye. Good choice of music, and beautiful animation that -- mostly -- went well with it. I liked the intro and menu, too, even though it was sad. Nice -- if slightly limited -- extras, also. You all did a great job with this piece.

I'll miss you guys, even though I never personally knew any of you. I hope you'll stick around and share you own individual work with us, anyway.

Bye, Star Syndicate. </3

Sad To See You Go

Man, I will miss you guys, especially the Daily Toons : (
This has to be one of your better flashes, one of the best as a matter of fact. I wish you guys would continue but I know you's had your drama.

R.!.P Star Syndicate