Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Ima be missin' yall

Yo, check it. I'm gonna be missin you when I'm rollin' down Crenshaw, smokin a blunt and I aint got no flashin' strobe lights to pimp my Caddilac out to. You guys always kept it rizzeal. Peace out, homiez.

Finally thank you god

The evil is finaly over.God bless Newgrounds.


that was just fucking beautiful... i loved the song... just a small town gurl......... and veray decent animation! good by ss, i luv ya foeva

I loved the SS while it lasted

I participated in 2 collections, I thought that the SS was great!

I'm speechless

I, I'm just so moved. R.I.P. The Star Syndicate.

Live on, bretheren.