Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

oh man guys

this was super swell.


The graphics really set the setting for the song and the overall theme although that last part was horrendous whoever made that should just like totally you know DRAW something and not be such a weener about an 8 second part which he gave to himself because he was behind it all along and he made the menu and his name is f00d aka dan.

sorry to go off topic but i really enjoyed this one..... OH WAIT BUT DAN DIDN'T MAKE IT THE WHOLE SONG oh my god i can't stop talking about dan

good luck in the future my friends


Good graphics, was pretty heartfelt. A little too heartfelt maybe. Haha.
Liked the song with the flash.

farwell to the star syndicate, i knew thee well

i am amazed and also saddened at the amount of effort put in to this amazing flash. The Star Syndicate was a great flash group and doesn't deserve to shut down. i swear that one day, the star syndicate will return, more powerful than ever. and also, fuck ashford givens and anybody else that hated the SS. R.I.P. SS-2004-2006 :'(

Good Riddance.

I'm glad the collabs are ending and so are the flash careers of many terrible artists. Hopefully this will slow the trash coming into newgrounds and the talented members of the SS can move onto some quality flashes on their own. Good Bye.