Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"


I'd like to start out with a reply.


Now that that's out of the way, this was an enjoyable piece of work. If 25% of your material, besides the loaders, were of any merit, you wouldn't ANY haters.

I'm sorry that talented animators lost their focus.
I'm sorry that Some people will miss you.
I'm NOT sorry that you will not be producing the SCHLOCK that you always have. You wasted people's time and laughed about it. Now I get the last laugh. You morons could have spent YEARS producing great content, instead you got off on a cheap laugh that stopped being funny the second time you did it.

The only thing you can do is make a pissy reply, have your cronies (who kept your suck-ass movies from being blammed) rate this review as abusive.


Don't let the door hit you on the way out of Newgrounds.


I totally beleive that the SS is ending. Mm hm.

wow i cant belive

the star syndicate is really gone this was a great flash and i hope the syndicate could possibly come back and start making flashes like the dailytonns again


Wow now i really regret that i was so innactive while i was actually validated at your forums :/

i guess i was to busy with school and the glock group (wich was swell at the time) :(

hum maybe one day, hopefully, a new group, a new beginning will come around...


The Little Syndicate that Could

It was love, it was hate, but it was definitely something. The Star Syndicate had that amazing power to do some incredibly scary, horrible, strange, or flat out awesome. Either way, the work you guys put together over the past few years has been the essence of everything Newgrounds summed up in one giant klondike bar.

You will be missed. Your goals were definitely accomplished, and with style. You created both flash that was so bad it was funny, and flash that was so funny it was awesome. You strove for pure crap to recieve golden reviews, and made some amazing artwork that always made me question how the heck you guys were the same animatiors. You made an impression on Newgrounds that few would ever achieve. Poser SS groups sprung up left and right after your riegn, but few had the power that the syndicate had earned.

Good luck to all of your animators, and hope we see you all in the future.