Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Don't Stop Believin'!

Now you have that song BACK in my head! But I'm okay with it.

This was one of the only things coming from the Star Syndicate I enjoyed. How sadly ironic!

Some good animations, and I suppose it would be some great nostalgia to someone who really loved you guys when you were in your prime.



cant believe it,........




SS T.T WHY!?!? Why do you have to be like this, it's sad. You are a piece of NG history. You are a legend, what happened man, message me and tell me, please?

Not bad to say i hate you ^_^

ive never liked you all you do is steal and make shit flashes but this its self was probley the best thing youve ever done it would of been better if you make flashes to the standers of this and not just stealing something that is good and making it shit

any way good ridence and if you decide to come back think about making your own series not stealing

any way good movie