Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

It's a shame

I liked to watch the dailytoons every now and again, they where one of the few things I knew would be kind of funny and sometimes good, always had a supprise to it.
Sucks that it is no more.

Also, some of the flash's be the SS where good and intresting to watch, there was always humor in them, well, most.

It's a shame to see it all end.



It's sad to see that The Star Syndicate is leaving Newgrounds. However, this was a great animation. The graphics and style were fantastic. The music was awesome. However, there weren't that many extras, which is kind of a shame, but whatever. Also, there should be a 'MENU' button on that 'Message to SS Haters'.



<3 Buttfuckingchrist

Sad to see a part of NG history fade away

I don't like the SS, but you have some talented artists and you are a part of Newgrounds history so it's never good to see something that important stop.
As for the actual animation, it was really good. A good end to a not so good, but occasionally amusing, group

Are you guys really leaving?!

*Sniff* I can't believe this would come to an end so soon. Just as I was starting to like you guys. If this really is the best movie you will ever make, at least it was fun while it lasted. This movie was heart-throbbing to watch, especially when Zekey put a gun to his head. If you really are leaving, all I have to say is goodbye Star Syndicate. I'll miss you! :-(