Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

..Is it really over?

Forever gone? damn, me and my friends last year use to be eager every day to see the new "daily 2oon" I guess that's farwell than. Why did you decide to shut down?

The animation was decent, and so was the audio so a decent score from me, although you kinda touched me.


I'm not gonna lie.

I liked some of the SS's stuff but not all.
This is one of the ones I like.
It's very detailed and good.
I, joeypwnsjoo, has somting to say.
R.I.P Star Sindicate.


;_;, I weep for j00, Star_Syndicat3.

Idols of NG, forever I will <3 j00.

My sonnet for your farewell, dear Stars.


I think I actually shed a tear...

This might as well be the saddest day in NG history, great way to bring the Star Syndicate saga to a close forever. All I have to say now is, It's Over!

Beautiful, best graphics I've ever seen in a SS collab, it looked like it was all done by one artist when it was actually done by many! You should have included a control bar with the name of the person who did it during the movie without having to go to scene selection!

The sad visuals plus the sad song really went together...you should have used the entire song but still...

Everyone, DO NOT click on the "A message for SS Haters"...SS haters will not like it!

There wasn't anything funny about this movie.

Overall, you have ended with a bang. Great job former Star Syndicate, and a great farewell to you! Some of you might be migrating to other groups such as the Flash Faction, some of you may go Solo, but for everyone except Fat_Badger, I'd like to wish you all good luck in your future roles in the flash community.

Goodbye Star Syndicate.....

KK Out.


hey man, nice little production you got there. Shame it's the one saying goodbye. :-(

I've never seen any of your flash movies before but they must be brill, just like this one. :-)
I loved the Graphics, great job there. :-) I really enjoyed the bit where people were commiting suicide, lol :P not suppose to be funny, i know, but it was a bit. I liked the style, obviously very sad but very nice too. :-)
And last of all, I liked the humor. lol :P on extra's I liked the bit: 'to all people who don't like SS--->' and it said SLUT SLUT...etc etc. lol, that was good. ;)