Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"


aww shit
i loved the SS and now f00d went and fucked it all up
well good luck on future animations.
also who was that kid that went by at the end?


u were my brothers i loved u even ape who blocked me 4 no apperent reason i love u all.

Great Stuff

This was the best way we could go out, we had a great ride and I can only hope that we look through what happened and can start fresh.

Anyways till then thanks for letting me be a part of one of the greatest groups ever, thanks for some great flash guys and atleast we went out with a bang.

Good night sweet prince...

With the recent way the SS was going i saw it coming, but it still seems a bit too soon. Farwell.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

You really are gotta be kidding me. The Star Syndicate is one of the BEST groups ever. Don't let this die, please, I've read the topic but I still can't believe it's closing down forever.

^lmao, I'm a nerd.