Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Can't say that I'll miss you guys but...

Good way to go out, plus I love that song

About fukin time

Star Syndecate sucks. Your daily toons suck. Also you just suck. But Im not going to be a complete asshole. I think its a good thing you made this. It wasnt half bad. But the song was annoying and I couldnt tell wtf was going on. Anyways why are you guys leaving? Alot of flash artists are doing the same. Why? One more thing before I go. We need to get rid of fat badger. He's the worst flash artist on ng. You hear that fb. You suck!!!!!!!!!

leave with a bang..

thats the way it should happen.
Farwell star syndicate, newgrounds will miss you dearly.
Deepest regards,

Farewell Star Syndicate

Thanks for the extensive number of flash movies that you uploaded not to mention the many Daily2oons I Still have not watched!! :-D

""chucks up a duece!""


good bye to you star syndicate. i never knew you that well but i will miss you anyway.
ps does anybody know the name or artist of the song that plays on the play menu before the flash?