Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

<3 SS

I couldn't love it more if I tried.

<3 SS


like i said YOU ARE AWSOME and every thing is perfect
also could you send me that song i cant find it on the internet......... ether that or im retarded idk but yeah this was sweet.

i feel sorry for you

i actully feel sorry for you. i realy do. becasue when i was bored on newgrounds you guy all way entrtained me. tank u for spending 3 years make this stuff. you have been great and strong on newgrounds. i tank you. and goodbye forever have a nice life and agin goodbye forever.

Wow, something worthwhile from the Star Syndicate

I'm in shock. Think you guys could put at-least this much effort into the rest of your flashes for a change?


its sad to see good artists go but as the blue star...thingy...said, "all good things must come to an end"

The music was especially nice and went perfectly with the rest of the flash.