Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

another group bites the dust

well its sad to see you go i liked your collabs i guess now theres only the CC and LL left...


Man despite the fact that I hate most of your collabs. . . I'm actually going to miss you guys =*(

It's a shame you can't get along, but . . . well, things happen and then they get ruined.

i never really reviewed your daily cartoons...

but i still enjoyed the odd hamur im them...nice while it lasted...

I'll know that I'll miss you.

It won't be the same without those dailytoons, and I thought they were going strong. It's a pitty though.

No more fat badjur goatse for me :(

Ah well, I always found Dailytoons amusing in oe way or another althought they weren't actually daily.....

well, although other's will disagree, you all have quite a bit of talent in you (Zekey particullarly). If you really are dead, do your own stuff and show the world you can draw more than hawt goatse etc.

Wishing you the best of luck :)