Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"


the star syndicate is dead! why oh why! now we will have nothing to look at daily! Goodbye dailytoons!


I almost started to cry when I heard this... The emitions overwhelming me... The starsyndicate are going away :'D No more pain for the eyes :D

Though this one...was quite..ok. Not a big fan of collabs anyway.

I've got soemthing to tell you...

Dude you guys are good, and just because of some people who think there cool and google "good insults" doesn't mean they control the internet. I know i probley won't change your mind about leaveing but just so you know, you can still make these daily toons since i joined newgrounds 1 or 2 years ago i've watched alot of your toons. They made me laugh, except this one... it made me sad, but i guess if your leaveing see ya oh and nice animation.




now i only have the clock crew to h8 on n well at least u guys did good preloaders n menus