Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"


And it's about time, too.

Little Melodramatic.

Nevertheless, a good flash. I've been a fan of the Star Syndicate's work ever since I found Newgrounds. It's unfortunate that we're losing quality stuff more and more frequently. But, good luck to you in all your pursuits.


well, newgrounds is sadder place because you guys are gone...

it was a wonderful flash to go out on.

Fairly Decent.

I have seen the flashes from the SS over the years, although semi-sad that you guys are going, and some what in wonder at the E-Drama and the Luls you guys are getting from it, I must say this is one of the best little flashes from your Syndacate.

Hope you guys actually find some worthy leaders, don't die out entirely, and just for the love of all that is sanctified don't piss in the holy water, it makes demons come out of your penis. =3


Now looking over most your teams work I cant help but wounder why you guys strived to be the worst on NG but if this isnt the case then wow you guys are better off leaving NG. Kind of screwed up way to go........well with all the other choppy flashs your team put together then to make this flash. It just boggles the mind,was there talent or was it wasted on trying to be the worst or did it squeeze out in your final breath on NG?

Guess we'll never know O.o but damn come on most your flashs were waste of space where real new artists could have used instead you kept your strange flashs comming. Advise stay down if this was a stunt to draw attention it worked but for the love of god do not continue to make any more flashs, however if there anywhere near this one then go for it your on something here and should continue this path if not well take care.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

mmmm if you loved this, you will absolutely enjoy Dailytoon #251. It will be craptacular!