Reviews for "The Death of Dailytoons"

Damn it

You guys were an inspiration to everyone on this site, everyone wanted to make a flash just to show that even the least experienced CP artist could beat someone. many of your flashes were stupid, but others like this one were ok. I wasn't a fan or a hater but most of us here at NG will miss your flash

And Lasergate: Fux u asshole. the reason they didn't make this one funny in the least is because it isn't funny that the SS is gone now dumbass. if all you care about is gay faggot sex and comedy go watch brokeback mountain or comedy central.

low scores because of what it represented

tis a sad day for flash watchers world wide >:'-(

it was ok

nothing much to say


the graphics were great in this flash, its to bad there wont be anymore daily200ns. the music was a good pick and went perfect with the animation. there was lots of humor in this flash. the menue was also pretty cool.

umm... well i cant think of anything

awesome last SS flash

I Was a Harsh Critic Some Time Ago...

I'd just like to say, I think it was really tasteful to go out this way, and to not just kind of disappear, like some people have. I was harsh at one point, but I think I'm grasping the concept of why you all collaborated together all this time. Cheers.