Reviews for "Grid Shift"

cleverly done but nothing special...

the game was i think prty good to begin with but after about 10, 20 mins it got reppetitive and boring over all i think it took about an hour or 2 to make not that great... soz i think u can make better


:) yay its my first day !!!

this was good but....

it got very repetative very quickly, same for the music track.

Original, but...

I must agree, the idea was pretty original, although there didn't seem to much more than that. It did get harder, but very much only to the extent where you had to think for longer.

As there didn't seem to much progression as you played, it did easily get repetitive.

Not too bad

Alright i spose for brain training but if you just want to play something that you'll enjoy this really isn't it.


After a short while it started to get a bit boring. It was way too simple to guess where the ball would end up even in hard mode. The concept is fine tho...