Reviews for "Grid Shift"

gets very boring after 10 minutes

good idea for a game, just gets boring after a bit

my head hurts

no, not really, that's easy. u sorta copied "Big Brain Acadamy" for the DS. u have to place the bone where the dog will end up and the cards on top show u where he's going. same thing. but this is more challenging. overall 3/5.


I appreciate the amount of work you probably put into this, but, essentially... nothing too great. However, this would fit into a compilation of games, of similar simplicity, quite well.


good idea, but what the hell? it was really confusing.


I really cannot say anything except hat you need to make it a little harder. It was a good trick with those cards saying you were going to go right into a wall, i got confused there; but essentially you need more thasn warp tiles and simple cards. Why not have tiles that will take you back to your starting place and cards which are false? i'm sure that will help make this game much better.