Reviews for "Grid Shift"

its current state

Played survival for a while, then played time attack maybe 7x, getting 61 as my best score (2nd attempt). Also tried endless mode.

+++ It may be unoriginal (kudos for giving credit) but it's new to the web as far as I know.

+++ Great bgm, setting the pace.

+++ Rules are easy to understand.

Game never requires any deep thought - just very shallow thought, which requires time. In the 'time-attack' mode, that seems OK, as the pressure is on to speed up those thought processes and therein lies the challenge.

---- However, the other 2 modes seem totally pointless. The score is no longer a reflection on your ability. As you never lose points for taking as long as you like, there is no reason for anyone to not be able to get infinite points in either of these two modes.

As it is, the 'score' stat is totally pointless.

Maybe better game variations could have been made? Off the top of my head, maybe one where the cards start fading out or the board fades out, essentially imposing a time limit on each level.

Maybe a mode where you have a time limit and must compete to complete more levels (time attack inversed).

Having the two other modes you currently do merely undermines the one good mode you have, lacking as they are either in any sense of urgency or actual decision-making.

-- The blue ball can be confused with the blue warps, thanks to the changing sizes and identical colour. A slight colour change (maybe making one pruple) and maybe more constant sizes (or a constant shift in one direction) would help.

- In time attack mode, the essential info (time) should be increased in size and extraneous info (score) discarded.

It's a cool concept and one I vaguely enjoyed in its current state. I doubt I'll return though.


Nothing too challenging, although i wouldn't recomend anyone to play it on endless becuase it becomes very dull, quickly! Also, don't play it on Easy becuase that too becomes too dull too quickly.

Well done mate :-)

A good game

This seems like a game i'd enjoy, but it isn't for some reason. The logical thinking involved is so simple it's boring. I can see how it's a challenge to do it quickly, but even trying to do it fast is quite dull.

ok but pointless.

interactivity is 0 cause itends up in same place no matter what u choose. but ok for getting your mind going


wierd but fun