Reviews for "Grid Shift"


i like but only 1 problem....some times it would say that by card it would go to end of board but it goes left right up or down instead of going of board but i had on hard but even though it did that i think the games a rip stil 7/10 since it was cool but...that problem

Good game

Well, it isn't exactly very long, in fact yiou try and get the shortest time. Gets boring quickly, but way a fun game to play, and tickles your brain speed cells, if those exsist

it's ok

This is a well made game but it gets very boring

I hate to be harsh (not like you actually care) but i think the only reason this is on the frot page is because of who made it.


Fun for awhile but then it gets a bit boring...
Still nice enough simple game :)

this is way 2 easy

its kinda really easy 2 make it a little hard add more tiles 2 each lvl and if the ball hits a wall it should go 2 the opposing side and there should b diagnol movements 2