Reviews for "Grid Shift"

So-So Game

It gets really boring and repetitive. I put it on hard mode, and it's still very easy to beat. Just takes two seconds longer to figure out. You should have added somthing more than portals, like movement tiles that move it a certain way automatically when it steps on it, mabye even a tile that moves it a certain way when it approaches it from a certain side , you know, with arrows pointing from the bottom to the left, and from the top to the right. Anything more you could think of. And, I think it's best if you made it impossible for the ball to attempt to move past the outside walls. On a 'Hard' mode puzzle once, it gave me all down arrows when it was near a south wall. Took me half a second to figure out that it wasn't going anywhere.


i like but only 1 problem....some times it would say that by card it would go to end of board but it goes left right up or down instead of going of board but i had on hard but even though it did that i think the games a rip stil 7/10 since it was cool but...that problem

Good game

Well, it isn't exactly very long, in fact yiou try and get the shortest time. Gets boring quickly, but way a fun game to play, and tickles your brain speed cells, if those exsist

it's ok

This is a well made game but it gets very boring

I hate to be harsh (not like you actually care) but i think the only reason this is on the frot page is because of who made it.


Fun for awhile but then it gets a bit boring...
Still nice enough simple game :)