Reviews for "Grid Shift"

was good...

i had two problems one it was way too repetative and the music got uber annoying. other than that was a very good game.

good game

very good game, interesting style, and dont listen to SgtSinner since he cant even go into the options, interesting style and looking forward to more games from you

good game, but...

but you kind of got it from brain academy on ds

It was okay.

It is a good game, great concept, good simple graphics... but it was too simple. even on hard mode there wasn't a puzzle that kept me busy longer than 10-15 seconds, i like the puzzles where you can spend 10 minutes on one single puzzle better. other than that, good job.

Nice concept

Never played any incarnation of Big Brian Academy so this game was new to me. Quite a novel idea, and I enjoyed it. Will probably play it again when I'm more in the frame of mind for a puzzle game as just now I have the attention span of a coked up squirrel.