Reviews for "Grid Shift"


It is a very good puzzle game and is fun for experienced and newbies.


WHY IS THERE NO MUTE BUTTON????????i would have played for so much longer if i could have turned off that fucking music!!!!!AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
in the next version put a mute on

anyway nice idea so i give 8/10 4/5

Afro-Ninja responds:

Dude, options menu. Why do so many people miss this?


needs a bigger grid for the ultimate challenge. loved the portals. but could've used a little more creativity. it just didn't come alive for me. i found myself not caring anymore and just clicking randomly just to watch that weird thing move around.

Very good... and addictive

You managed to make a great and addictive game out of a very simple concept. The graphics are basic, but fit perfectly in the game and it's entire design, the concept is simple but very effective and the pase is good. You managed to add a nice little tune to it, but there is the only disadvantage as well: it gets dull after a while, since the song loops over and over. Luckily, you added an option to turn it off. Other options like quality and erasing all data result in a nice bonus.

Apart from that, maybe some people will find the size of the game - in comparison with the design and simplicity of the game - a bit too big.

And as a side note, you got me and a part of the family addicted. After grasping the concept, there was no way in stopping them.

not bad at all

pretty fun, yet kinda stressfull. but i gues the adrenaline is kinda the point. over all, nice work.