Reviews for "Grid Shift"

Mental games are always fun

As long as they're done as well as this one. BBA is one of my favorite games on the DS and this does it justice.

The only possible flaw I see in this is your usage of blue teleporters and a blue object ball at the same time. Then again, I guess that can be just more of a mental workout too.

just a quickie...

when does this game end... i got to level 50 and got frustrated. but i know it was take from big brain academy and i know you wrote that down. but i gave you a couple of low marks because i found it a little repetative, and pretty easy, but that may be because i only went up to level 50. write back please and answer some of my questions. good game though. kept me quiet.

Harder then the origional

I got a 1405g score in Big Brain Acadamy and I this is harder because of it. It's fun though and it makes me think differently then I'm used to, so good work :)

I've been thinking about remaking the Connect the dots game, just for fun.

Very well done

Great animation and choice of music, and nice game, but it need more than just teleport tiles, like bricks, crates, bombs, and buttons. Also, it would be cool if you put a space backgorund

good for a brain game

the teleport tiles are difficult to get at first, and i agree that there should be more to it, or at least more difficult puzzles. it's pretty good though.