Reviews for "Grid Shift"


I appreciate the amount of work you probably put into this, but, essentially... nothing too great. However, this would fit into a compilation of games, of similar simplicity, quite well.

i agre with ar1as

Awsome game thats all i have to say

send this to Nintendo!!!

this game is PERFECT for the Nintendo DS portable! dude! u can make some good money on this sucker! its addicting and fun! the graphics are very lame though. i can design the logo and crap for you, im serious! or u can get someone else, but seriously this is a PORTABLE GAME! go for it! contact me :)


Afro-Ninja responds:

I based it off of an already existing portable game for the DS, big brain academy :)


i wonder what it wuld be like playig high...this shit is crunk



this has,

no purpose of play.

no fun.

nothing groundbreaking.

try agian but dont submit till its overthetop flash or has more things to do. this is seriously just fucking boring

Afro-Ninja responds:

Wow, sorry. How dare I submit something that doesn't meet your definition of 'over the top'