Reviews for "Grid Shift"

this is way 2 easy

its kinda really easy 2 make it a little hard add more tiles 2 each lvl and if the ball hits a wall it should go 2 the opposing side and there should b diagnol movements 2

Sweet idea!

I dont think ive seen a game like this yet. Its a brand new idea for me... and it was enjoyable. It would be nice if there was a music player thing in background or top of screen or something so you could flip between a few songs? its just an idea if you wanna improve it a tiny bit. After a while, that Goukisan song starts to get to ya....

pretty good

it was amazing but i could never get the hang of survival


good idea, but what the hell? it was really confusing.

just my taste

very excellent, exactly my taste of quick brain testers, i made it to level 40 before i messed up in survival