Reviews for "Grid Shift"

coool but

this game was pretty cool but it get boring after a while

Okay, it works.

The game is good. It's a little challenging, but I like it. You know, the game does get a little boring after a while. Keep it up!

Great concept

I enjoyed it, but you didn't even finish the song you cut off at the piano part and that was the best part.


After a short while it started to get a bit boring. It was way too simple to guess where the ball would end up even in hard mode. The concept is fine tho...


I really cannot say anything except hat you need to make it a little harder. It was a good trick with those cards saying you were going to go right into a wall, i got confused there; but essentially you need more thasn warp tiles and simple cards. Why not have tiles that will take you back to your starting place and cards which are false? i'm sure that will help make this game much better.