Reviews for "Grid Shift"

Mental games are always fun

As long as they're done as well as this one. BBA is one of my favorite games on the DS and this does it justice.

The only possible flaw I see in this is your usage of blue teleporters and a blue object ball at the same time. Then again, I guess that can be just more of a mental workout too.

Fun for awhile...

Pretty fun game, it just got boring after awhile. Other than that you did a good job. Keep up the good work :)

Entertaining Game

I liked it a lot!!!

very addictive,
although, could use a change in music, like ... instead of playing the same song over and over, change the tunes a bit, overall i liked it!!

good game

very good game, interesting style, and dont listen to SgtSinner since he cant even go into the options, interesting style and looking forward to more games from you


aaahhh where is the "mute sound button *pushed the close window button as soon as i figured out there wasnt any* (ps, for the scores above i just klicked something, dont mind those)

Afro-Ninja responds:

Try looking in the options menu...you know, that place where people go to look for gameplay options, much like the option to turn off the sound. And hopefully you didn't randomly "klick" my score to be a 1, cause that's super awesome helpful as well. =D