Reviews for "Grid Shift"


i love world of warcraft

it was ok.

Ill review it point by point.

Graphics, nice and simple, nothing to intersting though, but their good for this kind of game.

Style, I just like the style, nothing to wrong there.

sound, Nice and simple, it fits this kind of game. A few more sound effects would give you an extra point or two.

Violence, there is no violence.

Interactivity, Its not really that interactive, the combinations are random, and you only click one thing at a time.

Humor, didn't find any >_>

overal you get a 7/10, because I did like the game but its not super either. I'd like to see more of this kind of games though, maybe put a few of these games in one submision.

I gave it a 4/5

Good game

Well, it isn't exactly very long, in fact yiou try and get the shortest time. Gets boring quickly, but way a fun game to play, and tickles your brain speed cells, if those exsist

Nice, too easy

Granted, only played on Endless, but still, it seemed too easy to play. I'm sure there'll be a few addicts who endlessly play against each other for the best time. So to them, I salute you.

Just add an option to turn off music, preferably by hitting the 's' or 'm' key, and the game would be much better.

Okay game ruined by truly TERRIBLE music.

This is a reasonably good, user friendly puzzle game. The music was really awful and almost ruined the whole thing, but if you turn your speakers off it's quite fun.