Reviews for "R.I.P. Star Syndicate"


I'm sorry the SS has to go... they were the only group on Newgrounds I actually liked. ALLOT.

I see that this was just a piece made of of grief and sorrow, as bajur did not go back in time to stop this evil predicament from happening. The graphics were nice and clean, the music was awesome again, and you just never cease to amuse me.
Gotta love that static effect :)

- (sad) Beef

FatBadger responds:


touching flash movie..

good bye sirs...you will be missed. May you all spawn into a dfferent group.

FatBadger responds:


my friend was right about you guys

yeah i liek just started comming to NG and my fredn told me about u guyz and i think you guys are cool and i think itz zad you guyz r leavin <:[ good luck in teh futur tho

that was a swell tribute

worthy of the SS


finnally the star syndicate is gone i've known them for one day and hated them and now they're gone!!!!