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Reviews for "R.I.P. Star Syndicate"


You guys were something to look forward to....it pains me to see one of memories i have of these past two awesome summers die right as i go back go school. Its like having a dog die or something... ;_; :(


Well at least you're getting RCP with something semi-worthwhile, rather then getting TOTW with some unfunny crap. I liked this flash and I'm sad the SS is gone, so I gave it good scores.

I don't really care what you or anyone else thinks I did, but for the record fatbadger I still don't have much of a problem with you since the beginning of this season. That issue was resolved ages ago, which made the whole outrageous reaction towards my attempts at making good quality flashes all the more confusing. I only had good intentions in making the dailytoons that I did, so blaming it on me is kind of pointless, especially after the countless hours of work I put into it for the sole purpose of helping the group, but whatever. I don't wanna fight anymore.

Pardon me while I go hack RexCo's prized Xbox live profile...

FatBadger responds:

for the record too sir, I <3 you....maybe we over reacted? Oh how I wish we thought this through.

SS is dead?

What the shit. I'm gone for several days and THIS happens?

First Sunshine Crew then SS then... piclownjew? :*(


replay button replay button!

FatBadger responds:

oh right lol


i don't think i have a reason to be here anymore.