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Reviews for "R.I.P. Star Syndicate"


the racoons funny but uhh yeah the rest is a little to sad

Good. But you can do better.

Finally, you guy have shown some skill.

It's not skill, but it's better than the jokes you've been submitting.

Make better ones please... because I'm beginning to wonder why I faved you.


I am voting 10 because of all the idiots that voted 0 or something like that. Maybe you people should stop complaining and try to make flash animations yourself so other people can tell you you're shit. GG!

Umm... Was that the right movie?

That was really crap. Not that I'm surprised. What a way to send of the SS. None of their flash is good anyway. Fat Badger, you are one of the crapest flash makers on NG. I just can't believe that this acctully got Review Crew Pick of the Week. This movie belongs in the Obituries. Yet somehow it gets 3.11? Crazy. Just because the SS had an input it gets through. It's all Food's fault, eh? I sya good on ya Food! You killed the SS! Keep it up!

Lol, what an amazing flash...

~The good~

I cannot believe the star syndicate is dead, but oh well, you guys can always crack jokes about it =P Well the graphics were awesome, and had their own style in the begining. Also, great music and, unlike most of your flashes, there is no annoying clown static at the end, there's just a catchy song... And a funny image.

~The bad~

Well, I guess it cut off too soon, I would've liked to see some more animation before it just ended randomly.

Overall, a sad goodbye to a good, and long running series, but it's still good that you guys can keep cracking jokes at it. I hope this review was helpful =P