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Reviews for "R.I.P. Star Syndicate"

Kinda of weird

Hmm...this one was weird..and how do u no the SS is dead? Kind of weird to me...might have been weirded flash ive seen on NG....hmm....w\e...

That was funny at the end!

OMg my laugh box was gunna break..the raccon on the jet pack at the end was sooo funyy..anyway...the animation was awsome and i liked how the hamster looked and his hat..lol...so yea great job

FatBadger responds:

its a badger sir not a hamster

fuck the what?

when did you guys even get into near deadage...I should have been a more active membuh....i regret so much I FAILED MY LIFE NOW THX A LOT BITCHEZ

this reminds me of something...

something that im going through... that ive been through before... that i cant stand to go through again... i keep doubing everything... nothing makes sense anymore... the first thing that came to mind after i seen this was "they will be back" then i realized something... thats my kind of answer for everything... as stupid as this sounds, this has meaning... and yes your right, when you say"his life must be seriously f***ed up to relate to THIS in such a way." im sure theirs people going through worse, their always is... but this is big to me... its my entire life... what little its not, it still affects... nothing makes sence to me anymore, not even why i wrote this review... i could care less if the ss come back, but yet i still just told myself they would be... i have this funny feeling that my time to die is soon... if it is id like everyone to know its not suicide... my reason to live is gone, so it only makes sence that god will take me soon... i hope he does... i would never commit suicide, but i need the pain to be over... if nothing else can be of me, then all i have left to pray for is an end...
sorry... this isnt the place for this... back to the flash... it had good grahpics and was well animated, and the music fits the theme. and for those flamers out their, i liked a few of their works myself, so i'll stand up for them. it is a loss to newgrounds that they will no longer be submiting flash. hopefully someone will come through and fill the void... i guess thats what i have left to hope for in my life... or maybe thay will come back by some crazy mishap... who knows, nothing is for sure anymore...


You will stay if you know whats good for you SS!!!!