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Reviews for "R.I.P. Star Syndicate"

NO :(

<3 SS...I jacked off to all your hentai movies :( :( :( You WILL BE MISSED!!!1111LAWLKTHX.

The Star Syndicate is dead now? =[

Pretty weird, liked the loop at the end though. Bai Star Syndicate. <3



Wow where do I start. Well the only thing interesting aspect of this movie that even held my attention was the jetpack racoon from Conan O Brian. There was no story or even an atempt at one. The animation style at the beginning was pretty good and I would love to see you put more effort into your movies. But if this is all that you can do then I will have to give you nothing but zeros. You get back what you put in, and you didn;t put in anything.

I really don't understand..

What I really don't understand is why this wasn't blammed.. This flash is utterly retarded and is very, very short. I've seen more interesting things come out of a cows ass. Okay, I guess they want me to say something helpful... First of maybe you should lengthen it out a bit.. Second, maybe add in some voices, more than three characters, something interesting like.. perhaps a plot? The only semi-interesting thing on here was that thing on a jetpack... I don't remember exactly what it was. Oh, and don't tell your audience to fuc* off. That never really helps the ratings.. along with lying. Overall, i'm sure you've had good flash, but don't put this crap on NG. We don't need it. 3.1420 score my ass...

Err, Bit o' fun huh? Been done b4, i'm bored...

Boring, its been done b4. + i don't like being told to f off... dislikable, but the music and flying racoon were ok... I hope u had fun making because watching it SUCKED!

Altogether... 3/10
Don't do that again...