Reviews for "R.I.P. Star Syndicate"


^^Good Points^^
Decent movie. The beginning had lots of good effects and good graphics, and the end was just funny with that music and the spinning dog thing.

^^Needs Improving^^
Well, I really don't care that the SS is dead, just don't go delete all of the movies like the SSCrew did, that would just be mean.

Poor SS

I bet that slimy faggot Ozcar is celebrating like crazy right now.

F00D is a dirty bastard

Why did this have to happen to the best flash group around? ;_;

Fitting Tribute, Fat Badger.

It's sad to see the group go like this, but it's for the better. You have pretty much summed up all there is to sum up in this flash. Humor, style, graphics, and sound. Amazing.

Not too bad!

This wasn't too bad, and it was by far the best flash that I've seen by Fat_Badger! The graphics were great, and they were drawn well. The style here was pretty good; however, the ending automatically deducted 1-2 style points, since the transition was bad. (I hate SUDDEN transitions from deep, melancholy stuff to stupid material; however, I was expecting something that to happen.) Also, this flash didn't really need much of a plot, since it was basically various SS members grieving (and it was short). Finally, the sound here was great, except for that transition.

This was actually a pretty good flash. If you just get rid of those ill-advised transitions, your flashes will be even better! Overall: 7/10

FatBadger responds:

Flash by JasonMath:
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