Reviews for "R.I.P. Star Syndicate"

that was a swell tribute

worthy of the SS

my friend was right about you guys

yeah i liek just started comming to NG and my fredn told me about u guyz and i think you guys are cool and i think itz zad you guyz r leavin <:[ good luck in teh futur tho


that Flash was marvelous. it made me cry :,)

I will truely be sad when you are gone.

Without dailytoons on the portal, a small piece of my life will be missing. Dailytoons were one of the few constants that I could rely on throughout the past few months of my life. Adjusting to the gap made by the shattering of the Star Syndicate will be another chapter in this tumultous book that I call life.

Yo, It be a sad day when yall iz gone.

Ima' make sure to pour out some liquor for tha dimizzize of this great Newgrounds grizzoup. Fo' sho.