Reviews for "MMBN: The Darkpower 4"


Hi mate. Good little Flash you got there. :-)

I haven't seen the rest of the DarkPower series but it looks quite good.
So, when exactly is the next DarkPower movie coming out? I would like to see it. :-)


Ginogino13 responds:

Thanks! I don't know yet, but since it'll be the last episode it will be awesome =P


Im glad the serie is going well, Looks like they finaly owned Shade man, but now what are they going to be up against next? I guess I have to find out, oh, and if you want you can save one of my audios, (street slayer's or innerspace audios) for the higher battles if you want? Im rooting for you.

Ginogino13 responds:

Tanooki_John! Hey dude.

I am going to use a song of you in MMBN: TDP 5 for sure! I did edit it though =$

Thanks for all your support!


I thought it was alright, I never noticed they never made walking sprites.

But you use the vast selection of megaman sprites pretty well. Music selection was okay, it went with the scenes and wasn't to repedative.

Ginogino13 responds:

Sounds like it's alright =P

Thanks for the review!

Nice !!!

Finally a flash of MMBN ! I love this game alot hehe !

Pretty nice work man ! Make a sequel ;)

Ginogino13 responds:

lol a sequel? it's your lucky day. there're 3 previous episodes! be sure to watch them!



Very nice work! I'm curious as to where your getting all your music. I haven't heard some of those songs in a long time! Please share your source! I also feel the same way when I come to those damn gates.

Ginogino13 responds:

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked the movie! =D

My source? Google, I guess :P