Reviews for "MMBN: The Darkpower 4"

great series so far

yep this sure is a great series, the humor mark comes from seeing barrel jump around is quite satisfying to see for me ^_^, anyway keep up the good work, can't wait for the next part, woo Megaman.exe mark II vs the original Megaman who is infected by dark power and in Falzer beast out...should be an interesting fight

1, 2, 3, 4, I see plot holes, look, one more!

1. When was the last time anyone saw Megaman PRAYING?

2. When did Mega get a shuriken/ninja star/whatchamacallit?

3. Personally- just an opinion- The main villain could have at least gone out with an ending line, like, "This can't be happening! NOOOOOO!" or something like that. It adds a nice, fresh cliche to the end.

4. Aren't the darkness clouds supposed to be called program corruptions or something?

5. Why is Wily just sitting by while one of his most important programs is destroyed?

Final note: Seeing as you don't take to rudeness very well, I'll end by apologizing for mocking your hard work. You obviously put some time and effort into this, and I respect that. Keep it up.

Ginogino13 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review the movie. Heh, you're right about the rudeness, but that's just with people who just blatantly call out negative things. Well, here goes my response:

1. Robots can be religious too!

2. He used the Shuriken Battle Chip against the GuardNavi. So I figured he can use it outside of battle too. (Kind of like the ChargeProg in MMBN3)

3. That's just what I'm trying to avoid! Cliches! =P

4. Darkness clouds? =S

5. He's old! He can't be jumping around. Think of his back!

Again, thanks for the review! I'm glad that you understand that I put a lot of effort in it, but negative criticism can be helpful sometimes! Thanks!

The best way to introduce me to Battle Network!

I didn't know much about battle network to start off with then the GREAT picture and title loomed out at me, and I just had to watch it! Now I know that Battle Network is awesome! You have made your own shadows, thourght up a Dark Aura, AND made the hillarious jumping gag! I was, however, appualed that you used the worst swear-word EVER (or at least the worst I know) so that decreased it a bit. Still, there was also an exellent music selection! You didn't just grab some, you must have hand-pick the good ones! I think that is another brilliant feature. I am sure the last one will be a great wait, and now I am considering buying Battle Network! Keep up the good work! I am waiting tensly!

Ginogino13 responds:

Wow! Good to see that your interest in Battle Network rose because of this series! The games are really good, so if you'd buy one I suggest buying Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar/Gregar.

Thanks for the review!

Really awesome!

It's getting great in all around everything, good spritejob, very fluid animation, a very nicely done battle scene and great humor. (I almost choked with my soda when Megaman couldn't open the door)

Ooh, the cliffhanger! I can't wait for the final episode!


It had a nice little story in it. Also great use of sprites. You have a talent for them. The animation was definantly good to. I like your style. Congrats on the daily fifth. Cant wait to see the next one.

It was quite boring for one thing. But what I really didnt like about it is that battle network is my single worst favrite game there is.