Reviews for "MMBN: The Darkpower 4"

Well ...

It was good and all but they've made Baryl walking sprites.They are in MMBN 5 Team Colonel.but I think that they can be found in MMBN 5 Team Protoman.Anyway,good movie.

PS.Don't use classic saga stuff if the movie is related to Battle Network/EXE series.


awesome dude! i've watched all 4 and they're awesome!

why dont they try shooting the door in the real game?

PLZ HURRY WITH PART 5!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna see part 5 soon so plz hurry up!


I loved that part where megaman's just like: Open you fucking door! Would you mind giving me the link to that music in the very beginning after megaman jacked in?

Even better...

Great flash i cant wait for 5! Also dark aura is in the manga.....also y doesn't Protoman fight or Colonel,but everything else is fine and good