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Reviews for "Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt2"

Perfect in everyway!

Forget all u dumb@ss ppl out there hatin on this just bcuz its a combination of one of the most popular sega game combined with one of the most popular anime show.Sonic with a lil dbz mix goes great together b'cuz the characters from both the show/game dbz and the game/show sonic match each others personalities sonic matches goku and shadow matches vegeta and so on if u dont like dbz (u need some professional help) then i guess this aint for u so shut the hell up and just watch somethin else i no this isnt exactly purely an original flash but the hell with it its great entertainment and its cool!


loved it! loved it! loved it!

Once again, freakin sweet!!!!!!!!

Everything looked really good!! the sounds, the music, the fighting...One of the best Sonic flashes I've ever seen!!!

sound effects?

Did ya get the effects(like the healing on knuckles dfid to tails) on one of the slayer movies( u know, with Lina?)

You know.......................................

its kinda weird how sega had the characters from sonic games say everything you needed for this movie. you know i dont think it was coincidence. it was fate and your fate is to be a flash master on newgrounds. i know this and that you are destined not for turd of the week or underdog but you will get review crew pick and king of the portal. wait what am i a fortune teller? crap......i should stop typing now.........