Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

Phr33 St00f Pl0x? Sounds familiar...

But really, I'm sure it's been around for centuries, making fun of noobs.

Gj btw.
Anyway, I think RHQ made it up..
Either that or it's been around for centuries. But whatever, still some funny shit, man.

deathxcs responds:

I don't think runeHQ made it up.... but thanks for the review anyway.

happns to me

ive never been to the barrows, but a lot of times there will b noobs foloing me around and asking for free stuff... great flash tho!

deathxcs responds:

Yup, it happens to me more when I put on my Legends Cape...


nice i give 5

So true...

I accidentally did that once... Hehe... the guy got pissed... I didnt give him his stuff back either


I remember when this "could" happen, but this can happen no longer. Because if you die a grave stone appears and you don't lose jack shit. (unless you don't go back to your gravestone in time) even then the noob can't take your shit because it disappears after the time is up. overall this was funny, BUT the art could of took more time. but whatever I guess it just added on to the humor :D