Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

yucy this movie is realy bad

i dont like it

deathxcs responds:

Sorry to dissapoint you, but err.. don't like it why? You can't not like it unless you have a reason...


gai gai gai! pot

Just a pointer...

To get sound to sync with animation, set the sound to "stream" in the properties bar at the bottom.. You have to do this for every sound bit I believe.

deathxcs responds:

Ohhh.... Ill Fix that when the movie gets through. Well, if.



deathxcs responds:

"Absofuckinlutelybolloks" review too. Really helpful.


Yes you can fix the fact it goes out of sync... YOU ARE TOO LAZY!

Also, animation is bad, no just abysmal, the only good thing is that you got the fact right that you keep 3 items, I would've expected to see him wearing the full set... But just 'cause I am a wee bit friendly, you get one star... And I vote 1.