Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"


It was alright for a Runescape parody. The graphics weren't good and it was kind of hard telling who was talking at one point.

It was kind of funny. I got the joke stuff since I play Runescape.
Keep working..?

The noobs voice sucked

It was an Ok flash but the voice of the noob was terrible, it really let the rest of the flash down.

Better graphics!

i hate barrows due to the chances of dying and a friend or mine died due to dharock hitting a 43 on him just the second dharock was dying he ran out of prayer

Well its a good flash but man its really bad drawn try to make the 2nd part with more dedication

add me if ya feel like it "erreip 199"

deathxcs responds:

It's ok graphics. Stick men could get a 3.

yucy this movie is realy bad

i dont like it

deathxcs responds:

Sorry to dissapoint you, but err.. don't like it why? You can't not like it unless you have a reason...


gai gai gai! pot