Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"


Truly a breath of fresh air. Great.

deathxcs responds:

Wow... I didn't think I'd get people liking it so much. Thanks!

funny stuff

yo man good flash that same thing happend 2 my once before i got hacked bloody noobs i this noob like lvl 21 was behind me always chatting so i forgot 2 eat my lobbys and died but who cares bout my life story its your flash and i say it rocked keep up the goood work cya

deathxcs responds:

Meh, put what you want, it's your review.
But thanks for the good review ^.^

true true true true true

this shows the truth of the barrows infact it happened to my friend when i was with him but i got his stuff and gave back b4 the noobs swarmed it
you oughta make one bout a quest like desert treasure or hmmm.... I got it how bout the kalphite queen or kbd? or some other very dangerous yet fun task and yes i gave this a high rating cuz this was true and i started barrowing at lvl 68 by poisoning the newby mage and archer barrows.

deathxcs responds:

I dunno. everyone saying do one about the wildy or kbd or something like someone dieing, it's a bit samey to this one... but thanks for the contribution.


Hahaha!I wish i ad barrows armour!Good vid,you really captured the esscence of nooby-ness in the little guy!ROFLOLMAO!!!!!!!!


This was completely true. Noobs are the bane of all things holy. XD