Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

Excellent work

man u are my favourite flash author, in fact your movies made me an addict to flash animation. i like every single of your movied..


I remember when this "could" happen, but this can happen no longer. Because if you die a grave stone appears and you don't lose jack shit. (unless you don't go back to your gravestone in time) even then the noob can't take your shit because it disappears after the time is up. overall this was funny, BUT the art could of took more time. but whatever I guess it just added on to the humor :D


I remember the days when you could do that now theres no wild or anything so... i quit lol

Oh shit

I miss the days when you could watch some poor bastard die and then take all of his shit. Nowadays we just get those fucking gravestones that leave no chance of recirculating the items they drop =[


gai gai gai! pot