Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

OMG, funny!

That was hilarious. The guy in full Ahrims voice was REALLY funny how he said "Oh my God, noob, shut the fuck up" And how he was boiling with rage: Priceless. I'm sorry about what Buckboy said. It don't see how this copies his work. I like both Noobscape and Flashscape, and of course, the famous NewbieScape. Oh and how could I forget Rune Pals? Keep up the good work

deathxcs responds:

2good2be4goten or something like that did the the voice. Look him up if you like his voice acting. If that's the wrong username, one of his flashes is also in the runescape section. A crash course in runescape.

lol, it was funnily true.

Im thinking about doing barrows.. got any advice what i should take in there so i dont get owned?

deathxcs responds:

I did it easy at like level 75.

this rawked

lol this was freeking hilerious, im gona do that right now =)

deathxcs responds:

Hope you don't die ;]


that's happened to me before actually, at least I didn't die lol.
Ever tried barrows using veracs? It works pretty well actually. It's pretty rare to find someone dying in barrows though... only happened to me once, the idiot was holding like 13K fires though lol.

true true true true true

this shows the truth of the barrows infact it happened to my friend when i was with him but i got his stuff and gave back b4 the noobs swarmed it
you oughta make one bout a quest like desert treasure or hmmm.... I got it how bout the kalphite queen or kbd? or some other very dangerous yet fun task and yes i gave this a high rating cuz this was true and i started barrowing at lvl 68 by poisoning the newby mage and archer barrows.

deathxcs responds:

I dunno. everyone saying do one about the wildy or kbd or something like someone dieing, it's a bit samey to this one... but thanks for the contribution.